Here are some basic elements required for web design:

  • Keep it simple

Because the mobiles have limited display ability, complicated web features cannot be displayed as efficiently as on web pages seen on computers. Hence the overall layout of your website has to be structured and toned down to fit on mobile screens.

Images, videos, audios, content and navigation options have to be reduced in size and quality. Whatever you present on your website, it should be readable, accessible and visible by your web mobile user. This is only possible if you keep your mobile application simple and to-the-point.

An experienced designer and developer will be able to implement the necessary changes and requirements to ensure your website is responsive on all devices. If you are looking for a service as such, get in contact with one of Sydney’s leading web designers, Spin Design.

Website design services

  • Keep it light

As we all know mobile phones have limited rendering capability. Hence, it’s important to use certain adjustments designs including images, audio and videos. A quick loading image will elicit a better response from the end users.

  • Organised structure

Whether you are designing a website for computer or mobile web, having an organised design structure is always required to make a website user-friendly. Hence, a proper size and structure is required so that a web page fits into a mobile application just as easily and modifications for the same have to be made accordingly. Why is it important?

The idea is to capture the essence of all the features found on the computer as it is on the mobile screen. However, certain adjustments will be required.

In essence, a web page that can be accessed on the computer with all its varied features needs to be captured in your mobile screen. Understandably, adjustments will be required; thankfully, they will not have to be done at the cost of excluding your business’ main features like logo, product image, and product information.

You will have a huge range of design options to choose from