Optimising Your Website

Remember the home page is fundamental and is key to Google’s robots finding your website easily as this is the first place that they look.

By optimising the home page properly can help generate great search results that otherwise wouldn’t happen. This not only provides a way of Google finding you easily but will also help tell Google about the rest of the website through internal linking.

Starting a website involves a great amount of time and dedication. It also requires you to think of what exactly you want to achieve whether it’s more traffic, more enquiries or more clients. To achieve such goals, you may need the help of a professional. We recommend Push Creative Sydney, who has years of experience in the industry and are one of Sydney’s leading web development companies.

Other useful tools such as sitemaps will help tell Google about other pages in the website especially those pages that you are optimising. In the sitemaps it is good to set the priority on a handful of pages as this can negate itself if priorities are set on too many pages.

This is a very handy tip because Google is constantly looking for important pages that it thinks it should be displaying.

The next important aspect to SEO is to look at page ranking. This indicates how important your website is in the eyes of Google in terms of length of time it is live and also how many good quality back links it has. Take a look here.

Page ranking is Google’s vote of confidence for a website starting at the lowest 0 and then going up to the highest being 10.

Visit this website to see Google’s page ranking in 2019.